Blood Diamond

It was Quercus glauca or simply Quercus plant that made me realize that ‘it is never too late to mend.’ I walked on the road to Jhika gully several times but I didn’t know that it was there. I thank heaven for this piece of knowledge.  When I saw the nuts of this tree,  ‘Scrat’ with the same type of  ‘nut’  in Ice Age, came into my mind. Before leaving Rawalpindi for Murree I had never hoped that one day I would be able to see it in reality in Murree.

Fruit crushed with heel.

Podophyllum emodi Fruit (Berry)

But no body knows how to make this stomach-like flower.

Gasteria bicolor flowers are like stomach of human beings.

Gasteria bicolor flowers are like human stomach.


Flowers & Faces

‘Face Recognition’ function is a common feature of modern digital cameras. This concept is now being employed for the identification of flowers. I came across one such android project on the web wherein a person has only to position the ‘Flower Face’ on the mobile and the rest of the identification is done by the application. My feelings are so:-

دوڑو زمانہ چال قیامت کی چل گیا

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A flower cannot blossom without sunshine…

It is believed that Dinosaurs became extinct because plants of their age died out due to the non-availability of enough sunlight for sometime. Food chain of the earth starts due to the energy of the sun. Sunlight drives the photosynthesis and all forms of life on this planet.

On March 10, 2009, while enjoying the sunlight, I captured this photograph. The clouds had encircled the sun in such  a manner to give the illusion of heart. I think this photograph best illustrates the importance of the sun in our lives.

Heart of Photosynthesis

‘Hologram’ of Heart

Abhor Botany!

Why is the botany science  of insulting flowers in greek and latin names? Not only names are difficult but also the inflorescence or flower cluster description is out of comprehension for a layman. It is just like  ‘a pimple grown on an ulcer’ situation. ایک تو کریلا دوسرا نیم چڑھا۔


On the other hand, botany is ‘beautanic’ i.e., it has made plant world well  known. It has preserved and diversified the beautiful flowers. I have only to say, “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.”

Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi Syn. Bryophyllum fedtchenkoi

Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi Syn. Bryophyllum fedtchenkoi