10 Months Evolution!

Last time I visited Jhikagali in June 2012 and I was impressed with a few species of plants on the wayside and on Jhikagali track. But this year tracking the same route exposed all the species of tress found on this track. Isn’t it revolution? Last year I missed the following tree species on the route:

  1. Cedrus deodara
  2. Taxus baccata


I confused Taxus baccata with Abies pindrow species. Both species have almost idenitical leaves to some extent. These trees are found in large number on this tract along with Horse chest nut.

Signpost for Track

Signpost for Track

This time my approach to this study trip was radical. I entered the track  from the point from which I made exit last year.  So I got plenty of sunlight and energy to look into the trees. Moreover, my new learning from Nathiagali trip about Taxus baccata made many things clear. Moreover from Nathiagali I learnt about Cedrus deodara. Mind it that I made this trip 9 days ago on 14th May, 2013.  So it was just to clear the last year mess of ignorance.

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Trekking Poles/Staff/Sticks

One can find a lot of information about trekking poles/staff/sticks on the web. I read its use and importance from different websites. This May I tried this idea of using a walking stick and found everything true about its importance.

It gives aids in ascending and  descending. But one thing which I discovered about its use is shown in the photo.

Walking Stick supporting Camera Case

Walking Stick supporting Camera Case

I tried an ordinary bamboo stick. I stabbed it on the muddy waysides and got it fixed upright. Then I hung my camera case over it. This reduced one bag from my shoulder and enabled me to use my hands freely for taking photographs.

Due to this technique I kept my camera case dirt free which would have become dirty if I had put it down every now and then.


A new era of photography…

On 29th April, 2013 I bought a new Olympus digital camera ‘SZ-14’. From now on photographs on this blog will be more beautiful due to better resolution and zooming ability.

I read somewhere , “Life is too short for long names.” This may be true regarding the names of flowers but definitely ‘Life is too short to see the leaps and bounds of image capturing technology.’

I have already mentioned that ‘face recognition’ technology may be used for plant identification. But, now, I see this reality in my own hands to some extent. Because my new camera ‘SZ-14’ can recognize the faces of my pets i.e., cat  and dog. Not only this, but also camera has the ability to wait until the pet turns its face towards the camera for capturing image.

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