10 Months Evolution!

Last time I visited Jhikagali in June 2012 and I was impressed with a few species of plants on the wayside and on Jhikagali track. But this year tracking the same route exposed all the species of tress found on this track. Isn’t it revolution? Last year I missed the following tree species on the route:

  1. Cedrus deodara
  2. Taxus baccata


I confused Taxus baccata with Abies pindrow species. Both species have almost idenitical leaves to some extent. These trees are found in large number on this tract along with Horse chest nut.

Signpost for Track

Signpost for Track

This time my approach to this study trip was radical. I entered the track  from the point from which I made exit last year.  So I got plenty of sunlight and energy to look into the trees. Moreover, my new learning from Nathiagali trip about Taxus baccata made many things clear. Moreover from Nathiagali I learnt about Cedrus deodara. Mind it that I made this trip 9 days ago on 14th May, 2013.  So it was just to clear the last year mess of ignorance.

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