…Saves 9

There is a proverb ” A stitch in time saves nine.”  Now a days I am struggling to save nine as I am learning to sew bags. This may be a ridiculous piece of news as I have been a master  by profession. A school teacher can’t be a tailor master. Thus, a school teacher can’t save 9.

Whether you understand something or not, the fact is that I have finished sewing my first practical bag for my gas stove. I have to carry a picnic stove for hot food and one or two cups of coffee. During my last visit to ‘Naran’, I carried  a gas stove throughout my journey in shopper bags. So my hands were engaged and I was also imbalance all the time even on steep ascents.  On returning home I discarded shopper bags which I threw into dustbin and thus created environment pollution. Even if I put it inside my day backpack, stove will not damage my backpack.

Necessity is the mother of invention. I was searching some solution of it when I found a video tutorial about a ‘Tote Bag’ on ‘Sailright.com”. I saw the tutorial, and dared to waste a piece of cloth as I had no experience of sewing fabrics. Fortunately, all efforts were successful.

Question is why am  I posting a ‘bag narrative’ on this blog. As this will be a part and parcel of my future plant photos hunt, so I think this blog a relevant place to announce my success and achievement here.

Stove Outside Bag

Stove Outside Bag

Bag weighs only 60 g and is of drawstring type with round bottom.  Tare weight of gas stove is 1kg.  I get it filled partially. So it is not heavy.

Stove Inside Bag

Stove Inside Bag

I have removed the  ‘Gas Burner’ which is used for burning its LPG  (Butane & Propane mixture) and resting  pots. So stove gets completely inside the bag.

Glimpse of Stove Inside Bag

Glimpse of Stove Inside Bag

It has got two handles by which we can carry the stove. Moreover, I have also tried to be creative while sewing this bag. I  have sewed some ‘Polypropylene’ strips at its bottom and near its string.  Cord can be passed through them and it can be carried vertically.

Isn’t ‘Bag’  Lovely, on this ‘Lovely Plant Planet”?

By rashidhameed

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