Autumn Diamonds


No-Name (due to my lack of knowledge)

This is one of  the many beautiful pictures which I captured on my 18th Sept. 2013, trip to Murree. This is also one of the beautiful pictures which I captured through the use of camera tripod.  During this trip I utilized tripod for the first time in my life and I really enjoyed its use.  Things become very easy through tripod. But one must also learn to capture photographs without camera tripod as it is not always possible to carry camera tripod and also some situations don’t allow its use. Camera tripod eliminates camera shakes during long exposure times as in low light situations.  So saves camera battery by eliminating  wasteful shaky camera shots.

White flowers are like gems and as they are blossoming at the onset of autumn so I am not wrong if I call them ‘Autumn Diamonds’.

By rashidhameed