Spring Wave

موسم نے رنگ اوڑھ لئے ہیں بہار کے

پتے شجر پہ آ گئے رخصت گزار کے

Bombax ceiba Tree

Bombax ceiba Tree

This beautiful  piece of poetry explains the appearance of plants in the springtime. They are generating  new leaves along with their beautiful flowers. This is a general statement about  plants as most plants do so. But the situation becomes more interesting and fascinating when flowers blossom before the leaves. Perhaps this is the arrangement  to make prominent flowers more conspicuous.


Bombax ceiba trees are of two kinds. Most common trees  bear red flowers but rarely trees producing yellow flowers are also found. They produce flowers before new leaves. Huge trees  with large flowers are a spectacular thing around us.

Erythrina suberosa

Erythrina suberosa

Erythrina suberosa trees are not so common but there are many of them in Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.  They have been planted beautifully in the campus as well like avenues. In Rawalpindi City, they are found solely scattered here and there.

Bauhinia variegataKachnar trees are very common in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. There are two kinds of them. One kind produces white and the other produces Pink flowers. They exhibit the same behaviour of producing flowers prior to leaves.

Cherry blossomsFlowers of Apple, Pears, and Plums are called Cherry blossoms. These trees produce pink and white flowers before the leaves. In Japan these kinds of Cherry flowers are very popular. They celebrate a festival of  ‘Sakura Matsuri”.

Even when a plant doesn’t produce flowers before  the leaves, it produces first leaves of the season of ‘red color. These thorny Phulai trees produces new leaflets of very attractive red colour.


If Chanar trees produce fascinating red autumn leaves, the red bifurcated thorns of Carissa opaca shrubs looks very beautiful.

Carissa opac

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