Where to Pitch a tent?

During my last days in the  College I had nothing to do as I was not given time-table for teaching. So I would go to the college and sit in the library and study different books. I also copied different pieces of information which I thought  important  on pieces of papers. Today after almost five years while clearing book-rack I discovered  one such paper which I didn’t know to exist.

I copied these points from a book but unfortunately I forgot to note its name. I am writing these points as they appeared in the book.

I enjoyed camping in this self-made tent in Naran in June 2013

I enjoyed camping in this self-made tent in Naran in June 2013

  1. Pitching within 100 feet of the shore to stream, river or lake is not allowed to protect the more delicate flora that grows in these spots.
  2. Avoid the bottom of ravines and gullies, since they can become flooded from storms that occur miles away.
  3. Also because cold air settles, they are the depositories of chilly air during the night.
  4. A point to remember  is that halfway up is better than top (where winds are stronger) or bottom (where it is cold).
  5. Use natural wind breaks like trees, bushes and other landscaping (an area of land that has a particular quality or appearance).
  6. When you have selected a site, there are two basic steps  to pitching  the tent. a). First lie down on the area selected and move around until the  ground  feels comfortable. b).  Erect the head end with pole and guy lines. Erect the other end after the head end is to your satisfaction.
  7. The sun should be kept from beating on the tent especially if it is a nylon. Either pitch it in the shade or use a rain-fly.
By rashidhameed

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