40 Rupees & 15 Kilometres

On the 31st January 2016 I went out for a long walk in Islamabad. In this journey I got the opportunity of using ‘Metro Bus Service’ of Rawalpindi. You would not believe that ‘Metro Bus Service’ is about to celebrate her anniversary.  I am so late in availing this proud service.

First I located the stops of this service on Google map.Then measured the distance on foot from stop to Islamabad Zoo. It turned out to be 1.75 km approximately.

How to reach Islamabad Zoo?

How to reach Islamabad Zoo?

So I followed the map and I reached at the foot of Margalla Hills in about 20-25 minutes. I took some rest in the large park opposite to Islamabad Zoo and then set off on the road to to Daman-e-Koh. The distance of Daman-e-Koh from Zoo about 4 km. I kept walking and kept taking the snapshots of everything interesting to me (at least).

First photograph is of a tree with its naked root.

Exposed Roots of a Tree

Tree with exposed root.

This figure explains the importance of vegetation in the hilly areas. Plants bind the soil particles in nature and prevent soil erosion. But this tree is weak in its foundation. It may get uprooted at any moment and lead  to any sort of disaster (Allah Forbid). That is why there are many such signs on the road.

Warning Sign or Hazard Sign

Yellow is Warning Colour. Red is for Stop.

Thanks to Gimp that its ‘Warning’ pattern made me realize the importance of this road sign and I took its picture and found out the importance of yellow colour.

I saw many close relatives of Darwin (not mine) on the road. People were feeding them with bread slices and corn cobs. But this is a dangerous business. These animals can attack you for snatching the food items. They may transfer some viruses to human beings. So it is advised to remain at a distance from them.

Desire of Food from People.

Begging Eyes.


Monkeys being fed by People.

Food Wish Fulfilled.

After some walking I came across some rocks. They were of interest to me due to two reasons. First was their terracotta like colour. Second reason was the heart shape of one of these rocks. I decorated these rocks with graffiti and mural.

Graffiti is text.Mural is painting.

Grafitti & Mural

Near Daman-e-koh lies a cemetery where the passengers of ‘Air Blue flight 202’ plane crash are resting in peace.

Crash Memorial

Airblue Crash Memorial

After this  crash memorial site,  Daman-e-koh is very near. I reached there around 12:00 hours and said my Zuhar prayer in the Daman-e-koh mosque. From Daman-e-koh one can view the beautiful scenery of Islamabad. I took two photographs from there. I have gone to daman-e-koh many times but one spot was out of my sight till this day. Due to loud-speakers it appears that it is a mosque.


Mosque in Islamabad

Lawns of ‘Japanese Park’ were flower-less.

Japanese Plots.

Japanese Park from Dama-e-Koh

I had to eat something and I was looking for some appropriate spot for my  lunch. This might have been a place but I didn’t stop here until I reached the grassy lawn where I drank water at the start of my walk.

Back to Islamabad.

Japanese Park is very attractive spot

Even the Christians pray before taking their lunch or dinner or breakfast. But the prayer of the Muslims is different. Moreover they not only start the food with the prayer but also say the prayer after eating the food.

Christian Prayer

In the second prayer a muslim thanks Almighty Allah for the Food, and the drink (water, milk, juice or anything non-alcoholic) and that He created us as a Muslim.





In fact this was a celebration of freedom.

بیکار مباش کچھ تو کیا کر  اور نہیں تو کپٹرے پھاڑ کر سیا کر

بیکار مباش کچھ تو کیا کر 
اور نہیں تو کپٹرے پھاڑ کر سیا کر

If I add the whole distance from home to back home it is about 15 kilometers and the two way ticket of the “Meterological Bus Service” is 40 rupees. Not a bad deal after so much activity.

After a long time I wore this watch.

After a long time I wore this watch.

I repeat a few sentences from my one old post.

“It’s always further than it looks.
It’s always taller than it looks.
And it’s always harder than it looks.”
These are the three facts about mountains.

By rashidhameed