Not a Botanist, am I?

Studied botany in 1993 when I was very young but things were ‘old’. Digital camera was in the making. Herbarium was made up of dried plants fixed on cardboard sheets. Pentium II computers were a rare thing. While a student, I hiked in the mountains without paying attention to the plants growing on them. How sad! I went to Japan but didn’t see ginkyō (Gingko biloba).

PIA aeroplane

PIA aeroplane

The darkest part of this short story is that never did I liked difficult terminology regarding plant descriptions. Alas, If I had studied hard I wouldn’t have missed so many charms.

I started appreciating plants when I embarked on teaching career seriously in 2000. After that I created my first database of about 200 plants in ‘Micorsoft Excel’. Computer technology changed rapidly and in 2009 I bought a low price digital camera  I  became a ‘predator’ of  plants with it. ‘Visual Basic 6’ & ‘Access’ enabled me to create first digital picotrial database of plants. I was shocked when ‘Visual Basic 6’ proved outdated on my Pentium V (586).

How lucky! I am living in the age of computers. Open source programs like ‘Joomla’ and ‘WordPress’ are available. The best part of these softwares is that any one can learn them within an hour. So I am using ‘WordPress’ for building this website. In this website I will  display only those photographs which have been captured by me. I hope you would like them.

In 1993 I only learnt a dozen botanical names and I could identify only those which my teachers had taught me as  a part of the syllabus. Unfortunately teachers were not available to help in 2000.  Pictorial catalogs  enabled me to learn about new plants. Key player entered in 2010 when Internet became accessible to me.  Internet is full with plants databases. Enter the name of a plant and you will find some website maintained by some botanist with proper identification details. Once in a blue moon I watch movies. I happened to watch a very old movie  ‘Rise of Machines’. In that movie Skynet is a villain (when that became self-aware). Fortunately, Skynet is still not ‘self-aware’. By creating this website I also want to be a part of the useful and humble Skynet.

Impressed From Botany & Books

Some Great Websites:

Some humble contributions:


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